5 Shocking Forecasts
for 2015
In this report:

The terrifying truth that Washington won’t tell you and that the media doesn’t want you to know ...
Five deadly wounds that doom America to collapse in 2015 ...
PLUS five terrifying forecasts for the year ahead ...
And the actions you must take IMMEDIATELY to insulate your family and your money from Washington’s scheme to break you.
       Editor of Real Wealth Report

Dear Investor,

The frightening reality ...
  • 102 million working age Americans are now unemployed — a 36% increase since the year 2000 ...

  • The average duration of unemployment has nearly doubled since January 2009 — from 19.8 weeks to 37.1 weeks ...

  • 40% of those lucky enough to have a job earn less than $20,000 a year ...

  • Median household income has declined 5 years in a row ...

  • The rate of homeownership has declined 8 years in a row.

This is the new reality.

This is why hundreds of once-great American cities are transforming into rotting, decaying hellholes.

We never dreamed it could happen here. But it is happening. Right now, before our very eyes. And right here, in the United States of America.

If it hasn’t hit your hometown yet, it soon will.

But in this grim cloud of reality, there is a silver lining; and an important lesson to be learned ...

Every nation that’s met with this tragic fate suffered the same disease; one that slowly choked the life out of it before ltimately killing it ... And each left behind important clues  on how to survive a similar fate.

My name is Larry Edelson.

In a moment, I’ll share with you the inescapable proof of why America is now on the same road as nearly every global core economy before it ...

Why the “War on Terror” ... global, civil and regional wars ... and America’s grim financial state all but guarantee it ...

And why the actions you take now to protect yourself and profit — before this house of cards collapses around us — will determine how well your family will weather the coming financial cataclysm ... and also how rich you’ll be for decades to come.

But first, I think it’s important you know why you should listen to what I have to say ...

For more than 35 years, I’ve made studying the Great Depression of the 1930s and economic cycles — and trading the financial markets based on my knowledge of both — my passions in life.

What’s more, my work has been hugely profitable for my readers.

Since the early 1970s, I’ve successfully forecast nearly all the major turning points in the global financial markets, including:
  • The inflationary fires of the 1970s and the resulting surge in gold ...
  • The stock market crash of 1987 and its subsequent rally to new record highs three years later ...
  • The Persian Gulf War of 1990 and the S&L Crisis in the U.S. ...
  • The 10-year rocket blast in oil beginning in 1998 ...
  • The bursting of the tech stock bubble in 2000 that cost U.S. investors an estimated $6.5 trillion in losses ...
  • The 20-year bear market in precious metals ending in 2000 ...
  • The 2007 collapse in U.S. stocks that drove the S&P 500 56% lower  ...
  • The now nearly 14-year bear market in the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar ...
  • The rise of Asia that started in 2004 ...
  • And the great debt crisis, and crash, of 2008.

I’m not telling you any of this to boast; only to demonstrate that the financial intelligence I’m about to share with you is rooted in decades of thoughtful and, more often than not, accurate analysis.

If you were one of my readers, you could have profited handsomely from these major market shifts.

But not to worry: You and I are about to be presented with the greatest opportunities of our generation.

We will also be presented with the gravest investment dangers any of us have ever faced. And the moves you make now will make all the difference in how well you and your family weather this storm.

This is not about "getting rich" ... it's about YOUR SURVIVAL.

The injustices and travesties being perpetrated on us by our own government — the very people who swore an oath to protect and defend us — will likely make your blood boil, as it did mine.

There’s no doubt in my mind, America will survive the coming storm ... but there will also be many trials and tribulations along the way.

The days ahead will challenge us to the core. The dangers will be unprecedented. I expect riots and mass protests in the streets of America. I expect the fabric of our society to be stretched to its tearing point.

Why? Because the U.S. has suffered a number of deadly wounds since the dawn of the 21st century; each potentially fatal by itself ...

But taken together, they’ve significantly increased our nation’s decline.

Deadly Wound #1:  9/11 and the "War on Terror" mark  the beginning of the end for America

The horrific terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 were more than a single, tragic footnote in our nation’s history.

They signaled a new era of mass global conflict and a Mount Everest-sized mountain of new debt for the United States.

The military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq have cost the U.S. nearly $2 trillion. And that’s a fraction of the ultimate price tag.

A new study by a Harvard researcher suggests these two wars alone could cost U.S. taxpayers $6 trillion — including medical care and benefits for wounded veterans, and repairs to a depleted military.

Six TRILLION dollars!

Sadly, it’s only going to get worse from here.

Since the 1980s, I’ve been studying the so-called “Cycles of War” — the natural rhythms that predispose societies to descend into chaos, hatred, civil and even international war.

They’re a kind of volatility index, measuring the cycles of mass human social unrest. What’s more, they are documented and scientifically proven.

I’ve researched over 14,000 wars spanning nearly 5,000 years of history, and let me tell you:

The war cycles are ramping up in a way that has not happened in at least 100 years!

In January of 2013, I released my war forecasts showing political turmoil was set to start rising substantially.

According to Wikipedia, since that time:

  • 201 terrorist attacks have been staged worldwide ...

  • In the Middle East, there are now eight countries officially at war involving 163 different militias, separatist and anarchic groups ...

  • In the Congo, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia and the Sudan — there are now 24 countries and 141 different groups involved in wars ...

  • In Europe, there are now eight countries involved in official wars involving 65 different groups of militias, guerrillas and separatists ...

  • In the Americas, war is taking root as well, where over five different Latin American countries are experiencing war-like conditions involving more than 25 separatist groups ...

All told, there are now a near record high of 60 countries involved in war involving 512 militias and separatist groups.

And my research shows the world is still on the cusp of a dramatic increase in geopolitical conflict and social unrest. No doubt Washington will drag us into countless more of these, and all at monumental cost.

For the next six years — until the cycles peak in 2020 — it’s time to batten down the hatches, to protect and grow your money like never before!

Deadly Wound #2    The Great Credit Crisis of 2008

More than $4 trillion of “funny money” — printed by the U.S. Federal Reserve ... European Central Bank ... Bank of Japan ... and Bank of England to bail out the world’s economies after the crash of 2008 — is now sloshing around the global banking system ...

And it’s a ticking time bomb of historic proportions for the U.S. bond market!

There are two chief reasons ...

FIRST, despite the Fed’s herculean efforts, long-term interest rates have still moved sharply higher.

After bottoming in July 2012, rates have zig-zagged from a low of 1.38 percent on the benchmark U.S. 10-year yield to 2.73 percent. That’s almost a doubling of the 10-year rate.

But it’s not just the 10-year interest rate that is rising. Rates on everything from 2-year to 30-year terms are soaring.
In 2013, 10-year Treasuries dropped 12 percent.

The bond market — junk bonds, Treasuries, mortgage bonds and so on — had its worst year in 14 years.

And by all accounts, the losses are far from over.

Now the Fed says it’s “tapering” — slowing the pace of money injected into the economy every month by a meager $20 billion — and even that small course correction is enough to drive interest rates still higher!

Imagine what will happen when the Fed is ultimately forced to truly end — or reverse — its money-printing madness.

The writing is on the wall:

Investors are starting to see that the U.S. sovereign bond market is the world’s biggest bubble — and it has to burst!

Investors no longer see the Fed as being able to stop rates from rising. Nor do they believe Washington will ever fix its terminally ill balance sheet.

Consequently, they no longer see U.S. sovereign bonds as a safe place to park their money. And they’re right.

No matter what the Fed says or does, it cannot control the free market.

When free market forces take over and decide the U.S. bond market is no longer a safe place to invest, it’s lights out for Treasuries.

And that’s exactly what is happening now.

SECOND, central bankers’ wild money-printing has created a veritable powder keg of inflationary pressures. The slightest spark could set it off like a gunpowder factory in a five alarm fire.

With so much "funny money" sloshing around global markets, rampant inflation is a serious threat.

But it hasn’t been a problem yet — and here’s why ...

Money printing in itself isn’t inflationary if investors and consumers don’t want to spend or borrow money. For years, the private sector — consumers, investors and businesses — have been retrenching.

So the majority of that money is sitting in commercial banks’ coffers.

It was designed to bail the banks out, and it did. But because loan demand is still soft, they’re not lending.

But now, as central banks raise rates, they’ll see precisely the opposite of what they intended ...

Credit and loan demand will surge — and the prices for everything from food and clothes, to rents and college tuition, to the most basic goods and services, will surge along with it!
Right now, consumer price inflation is in a long incubation stage.

But history proves that, once the first symptoms appear in the form of major price hikes on consumer goods, it will be far too late to reverse!

Deadly Wound #3:    China’s meteoric rise has now put it in the driver’s seat
Downtown China

China has awakened.

And just as Napoleon warned in 1803 — it’s about to shake the world to its foundations — starting with the United States.

Three billion of the world’s 7 billion people live in Asia. Anyone that thinks their newly awakened souls will stop desiring better lives for themselves, and their children, is sadly mistaken.

Asian demand will remain a strong force, even as the Western economies of Europe and the U.S. go down the drain.

And China is the poster child of Asian demand.

Even despite the global slowdown — and despite what the naysayers may tell you — China’s economy is still growing much faster than America’s is.

What most Americans do NOT know — what our media steadfastly refuses to admit — is China is already so rich and powerful, it can now DICTATE economic policy to the world, even to the United States of America.

I know; it’s hard to believe. Especially since many have been saying that China’s economic explosion is over.

But the numbers don’t lie: According to data from the International Monetary Funds’ World Economic Outlook Database, the U.S. economy grew an average of 1.7% per year from 2003 — 2013.

Meanwhile, China’s economy grew an average of 10.3% per year.

That’s more than SIX TIMES FASTER; fast enough to nearly DOUBLE the size of China’s already massive economy every decade!

But that's only the half of it ...

If you get to know a little more about both nations, China’s burgeoning economic power is even more unsettling.

Just consider ...

  • The Beijing government has approximately $5 trillion in debt; Washington has nearly $145 trillion in debt and obligations ..

  • The People’s Bank of China — the country’s central bank — now has nearly $4 trillion in its piggy bank, and its cash reserves are growing ever larger, month after month; Washington has almost no cash on hand to speak of ...

  • China’s total tax revenues are up nearly 10% from a year ago; Washington’s tax revenues are dramatically down due to the sluggish U.S. economy ...

  • China has over 800 million workers, nearly FIVES TIMES more than the 156 million workers in the U.S. ...

  • 97% of all Chinese workers are employed; 19 million U.S. workers are either unemployed or underemployed ...

  • In China’s urban areas, wages ROSE an estimated 10.7% in 2013 — and the increase was about double that in rural areas; inflation-adjusted wages for U.S. workers dropped 1.7%.

In the size of its economy and economic growth ... in science ... in technology ... in the scholarship of its students ... in the growth of its military ... in every conceivable area ...

China is ALREADY the world’s most dominant nation!

It gives me no pleasure to say this, but America has squandered its birthright. The age in which our nation led the world is over.

Of course, there’s another reason why China is now in a position to dictate economic policy to the United States:

Nearly 50% of EVERY dollar Washington spends today is borrowed money — much of it from China!

Without the billions Beijing loans Washington, the entire U.S. government would go bust.

Washington would become a virtual ghost town. Millions who count on government checks would be financially destroyed.

And make no mistake: The Chinese know they’re in the driver’s seat.

I can’t even begin to tell you how painful it is for me to tell you any of this.

I live and work in Asia, but I will remain an American citizen to my final breath. My sister, my brother and my three grown kids all live in the States. I want nothing but the best of everything for them and for my country.

If my nearly four decades as a financial analyst and historian have taught me anything, it’s that terrible things happen when we ignore reality ...

But if you grasp the reality that Beijing is now in charge, you’ll find it’s quite easy to insulate yourself — and even make a substantial sum in the process!

In a moment, I’ll show you how to do just that.

Deadly Wound #4: The 800-pound “Obamacare” gorilla has inflicted massive damage

Yes, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has been beaten to a pulp.

So instead of talking about the more than 5 million Americans that have had their healthcare plans dropped so far ...

Or the Manhattan Institute’s analysis showing that health insurance premiums will rise dramatically — by as much as 99% for men and as much as 62% for women — with some groups rising by as much as 305% ...

Or that deductibles, co-insurance fees and out-of-pocket maximums are skyrocketing — running as high as $6,350 for a single person and $12,700 per family for some policies ...

 ... let’s just look at the bottom line numbers.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates Obamacare will cost U.S. taxpayers $1.798 trillion. Meanwhile, the Republican Senate Budget Committee says the CBO's estimates are overly optimistic and puts the true cost at $2.6 trillion.

Whoever you believe, Obamacare is expected to cost taxpayers between $1.8 and $2.6 trillion over the next 10 years.

This despite the fact the CBO study also found that just as many Americans will lack health coverage in 10 years as before the law was passed — even as two million fewer will be working than if the law hadn’t passed.

So let’s call a spade a spade ...

Obamacare is just another tax on hard-working Americans that are already stretched thin financially; and it’s the final nail in the coffin for a middle class that’s been systematically destroyed by the Obama administration.

It’s also yet another reason to take action right now to shield your wealth — and your family — from the massive storm that’s building!

Deadly Wound #5: America’s out-of-control welfare crisis is at nightmare proportions

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times in January of 1970, Ronald Reagan said, “Welfare’s purpose should be to eliminate, as far as possible, the need for its own existence.”

So he must surely be rolling over in his grave at the travesties of America’s bloated welfare state today.

In 1970, there were 4,340,000 — or roughly 1 in every 50 — Americans on food stamps. In 2013, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported a record 47,636,000 — or 1 in every 6.6 — Americans on food stamps.

Let me put that another way: The number of Americans needing food stamps just to survive has increased nearly ELEVEN TIMES since the 1970s.

But it’s when you compare it to the 33,490,000 Americans on food stamps in 2009 that a shocking picture comes into razor-sharp focus:

The number of Americans on food stamps has skyrocketed a mind-boggling 42.2% in just five short years!

From a historical perspective, since Lyndon B. Johnson started the War on Poverty in 1964, the government has spent $21.5 trillion (inflation adjusted) to fund the growing list of roughly 80 welfare programs.

As Robert Rector — Senior Research Fellow for the Heritage Foundation — pointed out in Congressional testimony in April of 2012 ...

Welfare spending is nearly THREE TIMES the cost of all military wars in U.S. history from the Revolutionary War through the current war in Afghanistan.

New research from the Republican Senate Budget Committee shows the U.S. federal government spent $3.7 trillion on welfare just over the last 5 years.

That’s nearly FIVE TIMES greater than the $797.4 billion spent on NASA, education and all federal transportation projects combined.

Look: If this were merely remnants of the global downturn ... if there were serious plans in place to reel this insanity back in ... you might be able to sell me on the hope that things are improving.

But reality is a far better pitchman. And the fact is America’s welfare engine is just getting warmed up!

According to the President’s budget ...

Combined annual Federal and state spending on welfare programs will explode 80% by 2024 to $1.4 trillion per year — a total cost of $12.9 trillion over the next 10 years. 

This is despite the fact that welfare spending has already skyrocketed by more than 32% since President Obama took office ...

And despite the fact that current annual welfare costs are already twice the amount necessary to lift all Americans out of poverty ...

It’s still NOT improving the situation.

The latest U.S. Census Bureau report shows 46.5 million Americans are now living in poverty. For the first time since 1965, America’s poverty rate has remained at 15%, or above, for 3 consecutive years.

The fact of the matter is, our welfare state is growing by leaps-and-bounds, with NO end in sight.
Look: I’m not the paranoid type. I’m not an alarmist or one who sits around conjuring up conspiracies. Far from it.

But when I connect all the dots — from my studies on the war cycles ... to the history of how other great nations and empires have died by their own hand ... to what’s happening around the world and behind closed doors ...

And then I factor in what the markets are telling me ...

What the NSA spying says ...

What Obamacare and its 16,000 new IRS agents — who will be able to eavesdrop and stick their nose into everything you do — means ...

To what the big, savvy money is doing right now ...

I come to one conclusion:

The massively indebted governments of the U.S. and Europe are getting ready to tax you more — and even confiscate large portions of your wealth! Washington and Brussels want — no, they NEED — your money.

And they’re prepared to do everything possible to get their hands on it — even if it means sacrificing your family’s future; the future YOU worked so hard to build!

They’re engaging in financial repression, so they can pay their debts with lower interest rates, and their bills with cheaper currency ...

They’re spying on you like never before — not just here in the U.S., but also in Europe, hunting down as much of your income and wealth to tax ...

They’re engaging in capital controls, limiting the movement of your money  ...

They’re raising taxes, starting confiscation policies, slashing retirement and entitlement benefits, and more.

Consider this ...
  • The European Union (EU) has passed a financial tax to take effect this year on all stock and bond trades by any of its citizens worldwide ...

  • In France, tax rates on the rich have been raised to a whopping 75% and new and very tough reporting requirements have virtually shuttered the nation’s gold dealers, sending them packing. Try buying gold anywhere in France today. It’s almost impossible ...

  • In September of 2013, authorities in Poland confiscated bonds held in private pension funds without giving 1 cent of compensation to pension owners .

  • In March of 2013, EU finance ministers confiscated the wealth of all deposits above 100,000 euros in Cyprus banks — and they’ve now enacted legislation approving the confiscation of funds in any EU bank that goes down the drain!
Why should you care? As Europe goes, so goes the U.S. ...
  • In Washington, proposals are now under way behind closed doors to enact similar depositor “bail-in policies” for U.S. banks ...

  • Plus, I have it from a rock-solid source behind the scenes ... our leaders in Washington are seriously considering the 10 percent wealth tax that the International Monetary Fund recently proposed as a solution to pay off government debt. A tax that would be levied on every American citizen!
And here’s the real kicker:
  • According to another well-placed source, Washington is also seriously considering nationalizing part of, or all, IRAs and 401(k)s — a confiscation in disguise.
There’s no sugarcoating it: Our leaders are doing everything in their power to hunt down every penny of citizens’ wealth, no matter what the cost!

I see THREE major consequences of Washington’s — and other governments’ — efforts to track and tax your wealth:

First, it’s going to do exactly the opposite of what the government intends. It’s going to send more and more small-business transactions underground.

It’s going to create more and more barter. More attempts at private digital currencies like Bitcoin. It’s going to send money into hiding, to the extent possible these days.

Second, it’s going to send more and more money ― and assets ― offshore. Yes, any money you place offshore, any gold or silver bullion, needs to be reported to the IRS.

But that won’t stop money and precious metals from heading offshore. In the minds of most investors ― and I agree ― the further away from Washington’s reach your money and many of your assets are, the better.

Third, and most importantly, it’s going to have a mind-boggling effect on nearly all financial markets.

Namely, it’s going to drive capital in a way that is constantly seeking out what I call “portability and fungibility.”

Portable wealth is money and alternative assets that can be easily transported and more easily hidden from view. Examples: Artwork, diamonds, jewelry, gold and silver coins, numismatics, collectibles, rare books and more.

These kinds of assets not only hold their value for the super rich, but can be squirreled away, off the grid, from prying eyes and easily transported.

But portability does not stop there.

Portability can also be assets that are deemed non-confiscatable, such as stocks. Own a government bond and Washington knows you own it. Own a share in Apple and it’s unlikely Washington will subpoena Apple for a record of your shares.

Stocks ― and especially gold and silver ― are also fungible. When you need cash, digital or otherwise, stocks and gold and silver are easily converted back to a more easily used medium of exchange.

Portability and fungibility will be major forces behind the next bull leg higher in gold and silver. Ditto for stocks.
For many of the reasons I just mentioned, the U.S. equity markets are headed much higher over the long-term. Regardless of interest rates or corporate earnings or whatever happens to the U.S. economy.

Just like what happened between 1932 and 1937, when the market exploded 387% higher, even as the economy sunk further into a depression.

And that brings me to ...

Five major market forecasts that will make or break you in 2015.

2014 will go down in the history books as a year all hell started to break loose. A year when the world was turned upside down and everything you thought you knew about the markets was largely proven wrong.

New trends are emerging. Relationships between asset classes are changing. Geo-political turmoil is ramping up at a feverish pace. And there is more money to be made — and lost — than ever before!

In 2015, things will only get worse, I’m afraid. Here are my forecasts for the days ahead …  

                                    FORECAST #1:

The U.S. dollar’s last hurrah
While the U.S. dollar has not yet lost its global reserve status, it will. It’s etched in stone.
There is simply no way the U.S. dollar can remain the world’s sole global reserve currency when the emerging markets of Asia and Latin America are rising like zeniths.

There is simply no way that our country’s fiscal and monetary policy can be exported throughout the world when so many countries are gaining market share and contributing to global GDP like never before.

In a nutshell, the U.S. dollar as the sole global reserve currency simply isn’t fair to the rest of the world and it has to go.

But here’s the irony: Even as the dollar is destined to lose its singular reserve status — in a financial crisis, it’s still the reserve currency by default.

That means that when markets and economic systems go into turmoil, the dollar gets a shot in the arm as the rest of the world goes into “risk-off” mode, selling assets and parking their money in cash.

And with the back wall of the financial hurricane about to hit in 2015 — in Europe and in the U.S. — that means the dollar has one more Hail Mary pass, one more possible giant rally and last hurrah — before it resumes its long-term bear market.

Behind the curtain, the bankrupt, socialist-based Western governments of Europe and the U.S. are now beginning to hunt down every penny of their citizens’ wealth that they can find.
That’s disinflationary, plain and simple.

People everywhere are starting to hoard their wealth. That means cash and alternative assets are coming into play. And since the dollar is still the world’s reserve currency, it means a stronger dollar ahead.

As you might suspect, strength in the dollar in 2015 leads me to my next forecast ...


  Gold and silver will soar

I don’t know anyone in the world that’s pegged the moves of gold as accurately as I have over the years. I have beaten the biggest names in the investment arena to the punch in gold, time and time again.

Had George Soros listened to me, he would have avoided the carnage that hit gold since 2011. Instead of selling his holdings when gold was trading at roughly $1,597, he would have been out of gold in the high $1,800 range.

Had John Paulson listened to me, he would have dumped his gold holdings at much higher prices and avoided as much as $1.5 billion in losses.

The bottom in gold is almost here, now, and I see it as a rare chance to double up on the precious metal ... and make a true fortune as it inevitably heads to somewhere north of $5,000 an ounce in the years ahead.

2015 will be the year gold and silver begin an awesome new leg to the upside. And it’s one that most investors will miss, simply because they do not understand the forces at play.

Now, my next area of major concern ...


                The sovereign bond market is headed for disaster
This one is a no-brainier.

The governments of the U.S. and Europe are bankrupt. There’s simply no way they’ll ever make good on their outstanding bills — not to mention their promises of Social Security, health care, pension guarantees and more.

They won’t be able to inflate the debts away as so many expect, either.

It’s why they’re starting to hunt down citizens’ wealth. It’s why Washington and Brussels are now contemplating raising taxes yet again.

It’s why they are tracking money sent overseas and why you now have to report accounts that you have anywhere in the world.

But none of that will matter. In the end, there is no way the citizens of these countries will put up with it all. And as they are now finally realizing  ... yes indeed, their emperors have no clothes.

As a result, no matter how hard central banks work at keeping interest rates low, the sovereign bond markets of the U.S. and Europe are facing votes of “no confidence” from their investors and creditors ...

And the values of their sovereign debt instruments are destined to slip and slide substantially lower!

Of course, that leads us to ...


    Europe — and the Euro — will collapse
Many think because Europe has been quiet lately, or because Germany’s economy is hanging in there, that the European sovereign debt crisis is kaput.

That view is dead wrong according to my models. That’s why the biggest surprise of all for 2015 will be the crumbling of the European Union and a collapse in the value of the euro.
As strong as the euro seems and as quiet as Europe’s crisis seems to be, it’s just the calm before the second phase of the storm.

The savvy money will soon begin to leave Europe’s banking system in droves, causing the euro to implode. As it does, the seeds of the destruction of the European Union will grow like weeds.


  New global oil wars will guarantee that select energy stocks go beserk

There are at least a half dozen territorial disputes over oil and energy that have either already broken out or are about to break out overseas — in the Middle East, between China and Japan, China and its Southeast Asian neighbors; Russia and the former Soviet republics; Russia and East European countries and all over Africa, to name just a few.

A MAJOR civil war over oil is unfolding right now involving Iraq, Syria, al-Qaeda — and possibly Iran — that could end up making the decade-long Iraq War look like a minor skirmish by comparison.

This past summer, a little-known jihadist army known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) swept through the region, killing thousands of civilians and unarmed prisoners, as it pushed to gain control of virtually all the major oil refineries in Iraq.

Most of Iraq’s vital northern oil fields were completely shut down by the advance of the jihadist militias, cutting off one of the world’s most important sources of oil. Oil companies evacuated workers throughout the country.

Elsewhere, China is engaged in an escalating naval and air conflict with Japan over control of the Senkaku Islands, five uninhabited islets in the East China Sea. Reasson: The Senkakus have enough offshore oil and gas that they could supply all of China’s energy needs for the next 45 years!

Then there’s Russia seizing control of the Crimean Peninsula in early 2014. The Russian annexation instantly gave it access to underwater oil and gas resources of the Black Sea potentially worth trillions of dollars.

These and many other regional disputes over oil and energy are going to do three things:
First, they are going to drive the price of energy through the roof, triggering a bull market in energy investments like we haven’t seen in a decade.

Second, they will unleash the full fury of heavily armed, increasingly ruthless governments in the Middle East, Europe and Asia, some of which, as we’ve recently learned, are more than willing to practice mass murder to advance their goals.

Third — and most surprising of all — these new oil wars around the globe will coincide with the last stock market boom of our lifetimes — a boom in which only a few savvy investors will make vast fortunes.

As the bloody chaos in the Middle East and Asia spreads, hundreds of billions of dollars are about to come flooding into the safety of U.S. financial institutions, sending the prices of select energy stocks and other U.S.-based assets through the roof.

If you think energy is hot right now, just wait to see what happens as another Iraq war breaks out over access to oil supplies in the region … or if an oil war breaks out in Asia.

The price of oil could skyrocket, and energy investments could make you a fortune overnight.
During the first few years of the last Iraq War, oil company stocks did a moon shot.
  • Exxon skyrocketed 196.8%, from $32 to $95 a share.
  • Chevron gained 293.7% , going trom $32 to $126 a share.
  • And Conoco-Phillips gained 291.6%.
And those are just the big boys!

Mid-tier oil companies made their investors vast fortunes during the same period:
  • China’s Sinopec was up 418% between 2003 and 2007.
  • Noble Energy was up 494.4% …
  • And Hess did a moon shot, earning its investors a staggering 779% in just five years.
That’s enough to turn every $20,000 invested into $175,877 in just 60 months. At that rate, even a modest $100,000 portfolio could potentially grow into as much as $3.5 million!

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